Restore Your Roof After Enduring a Storm

Find storm damage repair services in De Kalb, TX

Your De Kalb, TX home is still standing strong after the last major storm, and your roof did a great job of protecting your property. Unfortunately, due to the aggressive winds and relentless rain, it took some damage that can’t be ignored. Crouch Roofing offers the services you need to repair your roof during Texas storm season.

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3 facts about tornadoes and storm damage

Wind, rain and hail can cause considerable damage to your property. Here are a few things to know about how storms can damage your home:

1.Tornadoes on average result in $7.78 billion of damage per year.

2.According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, structural damage begins to occur when wind speeds reach 50 MPH. The least powerful tornado on the Fujita scale has wind speeds of up to 73 MPH.

3.Tornadoes and storms can damage your roof with high winds, flying debris and hail.

You can count on Crouch Roofing to address your roof after a damaging storm or tornado in De Kalb, TX.